Who are we ?

MIOS Conceives and deploys complete IT & IoT solutions, innovative and secured for cities, transport and industry.

Our history

Build in 1987 in Aix-en-Provence, MIOS is specialized on security telephony and sound systems. MIOS is currently one of the main emergency call network solution suppliers for French motorways and tunnels. Being the first company to develop a centralized management solution for emergency calls and equipment, MIOS progressively widened its business in supervision sector and now by developing multiprotocol connected devices.

In 2019, MIOS have joined the SNEF Group, merging with Valence’s IoT & IT expertise center. Sharing the same vision, these two entities are combining their knowledge to offer competitive solutions to their customers. Simultaneously, MIOS developed a cybersecurity expertise in order to answer our customers business’ demand. Attached to SNEF Lab’s Business Unit, dedicated to innovation, MIOS securely accompany the digital transformation of its customers.

Our officies

locaux principaux


112 chemin Forêt aux Martins
BP 70173
26906 Valence Cedex 9

+33 (0)4 69 61 40 60

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860, rue René Descartes
Parc de la Duranne - Les Pléiades Bâtiment E
BP 50108
13793 Aix-en-Provence Cedex 3

+33 (0)4 42 24 32 40

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50 avenue Daumesnil
75579 Paris Cedex 12

+33 (0)4 69 61 40 60

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11 allée du Général Benoist
ZAC du Chêne
69673 Bron

+33 (0)4 69 61 40 60

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Carrera 15A No. 93-84
Oficina 512
Bogota, Colombie

+57 (1)7 55 21 77

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